Welcome to the Fartive Unicorn!


What is The Fartive Unicorn, you ask? It is a comic strip set in a mythical land of men, monsters, and magic. The main character is a bar wench who works at an establishment which, as luck would have it, has the same name as the comic strip. This strip pops up randomly on this site and in the pages of various Dancing Pug puglications. See what I did there? Instead of “publications” I wrote “pug-lications. He-he… Anyhoo, we have yet to name our heroine. Any thoughts? She is brash, salty, surly, and a bit on the gorgeous side. If you have a great name for this great dame (that was bad… and infers she is a dog. Double stupid!) just leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fartive Unicorn!

  1. Thisiscrap is a nice name and all, but I’m looking for something that rolls off the tongue a little easier. Maybe shorten it to Siscrap. I like it as a last name better than a first name. But, you are the only one who has commented so Thisiscrap is in the lead!


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