You can Get Jett Slash through Comixology Starting August 12th! Yippity-DOOOOO!

Agent Jett Slash #1

Written by: Adrian Brett BriggsHarry Brett Briggs
Art by: Harry Brett Briggs
Published by: Harry Brett Briggs
Price: $1.99

Agent Jett Slash
Zombies! (sigh)… Really? Again?
Perhaps Agent Jett Slash can finally put the genre out of it’s misery… But don’t count on it.

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Pretty stupid, huh? In previous posts I’ve mentioned Illuminia #2 without a word one about the Illuminia project itself. I apologize and wish to rectify this situation now. Illuminia is a fantasy comic that will soon…(Hopefully!) be out with issue #1 on Comixology. It’s in review. I’ll be howling all about it when it hits newsstands.. I mean, when it comes out on Comixology and is then instantaneously lost in the digital dust of the inter webs. I’ll give out info when it comes out, but until then I’ll post teasers here on the Dancing Pug Blog.



Welcome to the Fartive Unicorn!


What is The Fartive Unicorn, you ask? It is a comic strip set in a mythical land of men, monsters, and magic. The main character is a bar wench who works at an establishment which, as luck would have it, has the same name as the comic strip. This strip pops up randomly on this site and in the pages of various Dancing Pug puglications. See what I did there? Instead of “publications” I wrote “pug-lications. He-he… Anyhoo, we have yet to name our heroine. Any thoughts? She is brash, salty, surly, and a bit on the gorgeous side. If you have a great name for this great dame (that was bad… and infers she is a dog. Double stupid!) just leave a comment.